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The charming, densely woods and the area around attracts you at any time of the year, where you can wander along through different paths and discover a hardly untouched nature.

Walk along the river Flöha – just a few steps away from the “Knepp – Hänel – Haus”. Close by is the hunting castle Augustusburg, the castle of Scharfenstein and Wolkenstein.


For a day trip you will find Chemnitz, Meissen and Dresden or Prague and Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. Or get yourself pampered just 10 km away in the thermal wells of Warmbad. Tennis courts and a golf course are also available just 12 km away. A nature reserve with a rare beauty gives the Erzgebirge its special character. The forest smells of fresh wood and of resin and rocks. Whoever makes his or her way through the nature reserve of the Erzgebirge is captivated by a rarely retained naturalness.

There will also be lasting unforgettable impressions in the Erzgebirge at Christmastime. 


You can see the lights of the window arches, the so called Schwibbögen, in nearly every window. The toy country Erzgebirge even fascinates older children with angels, smoking men, and nutcrackers. From a distance you can already see seasonally decorated streets and large Christmas pyramids in the middle of many market places.


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