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Grünhainichen  …

Grünhainichen the toy town is a small village on a little green hill in the Erzgebirge near the Augustusburg.


It is a village of wood carvers, turners and toy manufacturers. Grünhainichen which had been already documented in 1349, has only 2300 people.


In our little village, rich in tradition, you will find a lot of well known workshops where manufacturers still continue to process the wood like Wendt & Kühn and are well known around the world. You are always very welcome there to have a look at how they carve the angels, flower children and the Christmas pyramids.

A very special jewel is our museum of “Erzgebirge People’s Art”.
You will also find everything you need for your daily life. Bakeries, butcher, bank, post office, pharmacy and doctors are available.




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